Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rolling This Way

Beast Crawl Presents ...
RW Rolling Through The Ages
September 2, 2017, 8 pm
The Hatch, 402 15th Street, Oakland
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The Ages
Childhood: Colleen McKee
Teen:  Sandra Wassilie 
Young Adult: Mindela Ruby 
Middle Age: Rebecca Foust 
Late Middle Age: Roy Mash 
Old Age: Jon Sindell


Rolling Writers' Parting The Veil
at Litcrawl
October 14, 2017
time and place tbd

Rolling Writers part the veil dividing image from reality, clarity from confusion, life from death, dreaming from wakefulness, person from person, this from that.

Peter Bullen
Stephen D. Gutierrez
Richard May
LJ Moore
Jon Sindell
Genanne Walsh


With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny YES,
for R-Dub Shakes,
a Celebration of Shakespeare,
on Saturday, November 11, 6 pm,
at Rolling Out Cafe, 1722 Taraval, San Francisco.


This Shakespearian love fest will feature performances of Shakespearian monologues, short scenes, and sonnets, readings of original Shakespeare-influenced writing, and songs from Shakespeare’s plays, or from the period.

If you wish to perform a monologue, short scene, or sonnet, please write the curator, Jon Sindell, jsind [at] sbcglobal [dot net], clearly identifying the piece or pieces you would like to perform. No audition is necessary. All we ask is that you recite your piece, not read it from a paper, and that you put your heart into it.

If you wish to read Shakespeare-inspired original literature, please send your submission to Jon Sindell: jsind [at] sbcglobal [dot net], pasting your work into your message. You must be able to read the piece in eight minutes or less. Mark the subject line of your email as follows: R-Dub Shakes: [Your Name] Submissions may not be made through representatives. The connection of your work to Shakespeare’s work must be clearly manifest. If in doubt, send an email.

If you wish to perform Shakespearian music, we bid you most hearty welcome! Troubadors seeking songs to sing can sample eighteen songs from Will’s plays or his time on this album:
Please send an email to Jon Sindell, jsind [at] sbcglobal [dot net], indicating the music you would like to perform.

“All the world’s a stage,” and that necessarily includes Rolling Out Café!

About Rolling Writers

     Like the baker Rageneau in Cyrano, master baker Bruno Tsé supports the arts. And our pastry–preparing patron of poetry and prose shows love for the muse by giving his Taraval Street café up for lit readings, with themed musical and gustatory accoutrements.

Rolling–Out: 1722 Taraval, between 27th and 28th Avenues, 
San Francisco. The L-Taraval streetcar line stops at 26th Avenue.

To submit work for an upcoming theme, please write the host, Jon Sindell, at jsind [at] sbcglobal [net], pasting your work in the body of the email, and marking the subject line as follows: RW [Name Of Show], [Writer's Name]. You must submit personally—no submissions by representatives will be considered. Unless otherwise indicated on the Upcoming Events page, limit prose submissions to 1,200 words; shorter submissions are preferred. This series primarily features complete works of fiction and memoir, but poetry and reasonably self–contained novel excerpts are presented to a limited extent. Submissions are rolling -- we generally consider submissions until a lineup is filled.

Won't you join us?