About Rolling Writers

About Rolling Writers

     Like the baker Rageneau in Cyrano, master baker Bruno Tsé supports the arts. And our latter day pastry–preparing patron of prose and poetry shows his love for the muse by opening the doors of his Taraval café for lit readings, with themed musical and gustatory accoutrements.

Rolling–Out: 1722 Taraval, between 27th and 28th Avenues, 
San Francisco—at the L stop.

To submit work for an upcoming theme, please write the host, Jon Sindell, at jsind [at] sbcglobal [net], pasting your work in the body of the email, and marking the subject line as follows: RW [Name Of Show], [Writer's Name]. Unless otherwise indicated on the Upcoming Events page, limit prose submissions to 1,300 words; shorter submissions are preferred. This series primarily features complete works of fiction and memoir, but poetry and reasonably self–contained novel excerpts are presented to a limited extent. If there is to be an invitation to read, you will receive it within two weeks of your submission. 

Please join us!

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