Past Events

RW Mash-up Oakland
A montage of some of our most memorable moments
February 13, 2018
Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland

Front from left: Jon Sindell, Jacqueline Doyle, Colleen McKee, Steven Kacsmar
Rear: Paul Corman-Roberts, Andrew Sano, Alexandra Kostoulas, Peter Bullen,
Sarah Kobrinsky, Sean Craven

RW Mash-up SF
A montage of some of our most memorable moments
January 27, 2018
Rolling Out Café, San Francisco

Bottom, from left: Amos White, Michael Crabtree, Steven Kacsmar
Top: Roy Mash, Tony Press, Deborah Steinberg, LJ Moore-McClelland
Leonid Klets 

R-Dub Shakes
With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny YES
November 11, 2017
Rolling Out Café, San Francisco

Bottom from left: Daniel "Peter Quince" Ari, Jon "Sir Rodney Of Dangerfields" Sindell,
Minstrel Michael Crabtree, William "Jack Of All Trades" Taylor, Jr., 
Ruth "Dolabella" Crossman, Cybelle "Mythological Woman" Zufolo.
Top: Teri "Portia" Kline, Colleen "Willow Singer" McKee, Sandra "Prospero" Wassilie,
Laura "Cleo" Zink, Carina "Sigh No More" Mifuel, Roy "Marc Antony" Mash

Colleen and Michael rehearse "Willow"

Rolling Writers' Parting The Veil
at Litcrawl, San Francisco
October 14, 2017
Rolling Writers parted the veil dividing image from reality, clarity from confusion, 
life from death, dreaming from wakefulness, person from person, this from that.
LJ Moore, Genanne Walsh, Jon Sindell, Michael Crabtree, Peter Bullen, Stephen D. Gutierrez

RW Rolling Through The Ages
at Beast Crawl
September 2, 2017
The Hatch, Oakland

The Ages
Childhood: Colleen McKee
Teen:  Sandra Wassilie 
Young Adult: Mindela Ruby 
Middle Age: Rebecca Foust 
Late Middle Age: Roy Mash 
Old Age: Jon Sindell

R-Dub Death
June 24, 2017
Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland

Top from left: Cassandra Dallet, Roy Mash, Sandra Wassilie, Lucille Lang Day, Laura Zink
Bottom: Michael Crabtree, Norma Smith, Susannah Clare Carlson with Nevermore, Steven Kacsmar

Let's Jew It!
April 15, 2017

Top from left: Benjamin Wachs, Michael Crabtree, Susan Cohen, 
Michael Alenyikov,Richard May; Bottom: Diane Frank, Cara Yean (our Fiddler in the Loft),
Colleen McKee, Lenore Weiss



February 4, 2017
Writers Not Writing
Local Lit-Lights Shared Other Talents
Ruth Crossman and Colleen McKee sang honky tonk

Lisa Martinovic sang her original song "Rattlesnake Dancer" backed by Michael Crabtree
Jon Sindell played Shylock to Paul Corman-Roberts' Antonio
Youssef Alaoui sang with Paul on drums
Sandra Wassilie played Emilia to Colleen McKee's Desdemona
Jamey Genna as Lady Macbeth
Deborah Steinberg sang backed by Amy Shelf

"Stand By Me" ~ Finale


January 14, 2017
A Moth-style evening of revelatory memoir without notes

Top, from left: Sean Craven, Paul Kimball, John Blatchford, Bradley Patterson
Middle: Christina Ingenito, Michael Crabtree, Tania Martin
Bottom: Jon Sindell

Sean Craven (photo by Kenneth Finberg)
Michael Crabtree (photo by Kenneth Finberg)

Tania Martin (photo by Kenneth Finberg)
Wax Moon: John Blatchford, Paul Kimball (photo by Kenneth Finberg)
Bradley Patterson (photo by Kenneth Finberg)

November 4, 2016
Bay Crossing

Top from left: Amos White, Michael Crabtree, Andrew Sano,
Lynn Mundell, Jacqueline Doyle
Bottom: Apollo Papafrangou, Colleen McKee, Robert Thomas

September 10, 2016
Pairs of Performers Swapped Artistic Souls

Top row from left: Heather Bourbeau, Peter Bullen, James Warner,
Anne Raeff, Lori Ostlund, Terry Lucas
Bottom row: Maw Shein Win, Michael Crabtree, Steven Kacsmar, Rebecca Foust

Rebecca Foust reads Terry Lucas
Steven Kacsmar helps Michael Crabtree cover Steven's song
Heather Bourbeau voices Maw Shein Win
Anne Raeff reads Lori Ostlund
As James Warner reads Peter Bullen (below)
James Warner reads Peter Bullen

R-Dub Love
July 30, 2016

Top row from left: Roy Mash, Sarah Paris, Michael Crabtree, Richard Levine, Laura Zink, Jon Sindell
Bottom row: Kathleen McClung, Lucille Lang Day, Ellisa Sun, Colleen McKee


Rolling Writers Crossing Over: Presented by Beast Crawl
July 16, 2016
We crossed the Bay to visit other realms of mind, spirit, body

Top row, from left: Jon Sindell, Candy Shue, Sandra Wassilie, James Warner
Bottom, from left: Jacqueline Doyle, Kara Vernor, Lynn Mundell

James Warner
Candy Shue


June 8, 2016
RW Bay Crossing
Our first-ever roadie, an all-East Bay showcase at the Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland

Back row, from left: Stephen D. Gutierrez, Lisa Martinovic, Sarah Kobrinsky,
Peter Bullen, Hollie Hardy, SB Stokes
Front row: Michael Crabtree, Sharon Coleman,
Maw Shein Win, Sandra Wassilie

Maw Shein Win

SB Stokes

Peter Bullen, mulling ankles
Sarah Kobrinsky


April 16, 2016
Rolling Writers Doubles Two 
Writers and musicians swapped artistic souls

Our soul–swapping artists ...

Top, from left: Michael Crabtree & Nancy Hall. Olga Zilberbourg (partner Peg Alford Pursell not pictured). Richard May & Andrew Demcak.

Bottom: Stephen D. Gutierrez & Jaqueline Doyle. Fred Dodsworth & Indiana Pehlivanova (subbing for John Panzer)

Stephen D. Gutierrez reads Jacqueline Doyle

Andrew Demcak reads Richard May
Nancy Hall interprets a Michael Crabtree song


March 19, 2016
Rolling Writers Animal
Exemplary homo sapiens explored our shared world

Front row, from left: Diane Frank, Sandra Wassilie, Prartho Sereno
Back, from left: Paul Corman–Roberts, John Panzer, LJ Moore, Michael Crabtree
In absentia: Hugh Behm–Steinberg (read by Paul), William Taylor Jr. (read by John)
Photo courtesy of Sean McClelland

LJ Moore reading "St. Frank of Arizmendi"


January 23, 2015
Rolling Writers Bay Area
A kaleidoscope of Bay Area impressions

Bottom row, from left: Michael Crabtree, Rebecca Foust
Amos White, Jon Sindell
Top row, from left: Robert Thomas, Fred Dodsworth
Evelyn Posamentier, Tauno Hagelberg, Nancy Davenport


Past Events

November 14, 2015
Rolling Writers Doubles
Writers and songwriters performed each other's work

Top picture, from left: Steven Kacsmar & Michael Crabtree ...
Andrew O. Dugas & Peter Bullen ... Deborah Steinberg & Jon Sindell ...
Emily Kiernan & Candy Shue ... Colleen McKee & William Taylor Jr.

Candy Shue channeling Emily Kiernan


October 24, 2015
Young Adult
Wild passion, confusion, energy, hope ...
the luxurious sense of unlimited time ...
the growing terror of time closing in.

(L to R): Michael Crabtree  Mayya Feygina  Joe Clifford
Alexandra Kostoulas  Elise Hunter  Mindela Ruby
LJ Moore  Colleen McKee  Robin Bullard


October 17, 2015
Rolling in on the Fog
at Litcrawl

from left: LJ Moore, William Taylor Jr., Kristina Ten
Colleen McKee, Jon Sindell, Michael Crabtree
super image by Sean Gabriel

September 19, 2015
RW Bay Area
A literary Bay Area mindscape

From left: Amos White, Sharon Coleman, Michael Crabtree, Sarah Kobrinsky
Diane Frank, Erik Ievins, Tony Press, Emily Kiernan
Steven Gray, Hollie Hardy (black top), Maw Shein Win

Hollie Hardy, Oakland lit
Sharon Coleman, poetry of San Mateo

Michael Crabtree, SF music


August 8, 2015

RW Teen

Top: Paul Corman-Roberts, Andrew O. Dugas, Jill Kolongowski, Jeff Von Ward, Sandra Wassilie
Bottom: Michael Crabtree, Jacqueline Doyle, Lucille Lang Day

“Never again would I be so alone, so ravenous, so filled with rapture.” 
From "Early Spring Rainstorm" by Jacqueline Doyle.

July 13, 2015
RW Baseball Blast

Our lineup (man, there's no way to recreate the fun we had on a webpage) ...

Rafa "OK" Corral of Gaviotas and the Marty Lurie Show, first bass, man
Michael "Krazy" Crabtree, s(w)inger–song–righter ("Let Timmy Smoke")
Ken "Duff Man" Duffy, baseball bard
Beth "Babe" Elliott, righter
Frannie "Frenchie" Germeshausen, time–traveling s(w)inger
Steven "The Phantom" Kacsmar of Phantom City, s(w)inger–song–righter
Jim "Emperor" Norton, s(w)inger/song–righter
John "Tank" Panzer, righter
Brad "Pal" Paterson, righter
Tom "Brass Knucker" Pitts, righter (Knuckleball)
Jon "Da Mon" Sindell, s(w)inger and righter (The Mighty Roman Baseball Blast)


June 20, 2015
RW Childhood

Bottom, from left: Frances Lefkowitz, Peter Bullen, Steven Kacsmar
Middle: Michael Crabtree, Peg Alford Pursell, Candy Shue,
Charles Kruger, Jon Sindell
Back: Kristina Ten, Olga Zilberbourg
Photo by Ken Finberg

May 23, 2015
RW Landscapes: California

Bottom row: Peter Greenwood, Jannie Dresser
Middle: Stephen D. Gutierrez, Peggy Morrison, Michelle Cruz Gonzales,
Juli C. Lasselle, Michael Crabtree, Spirit Of Steinbeck
Top: William Taylor, Jr., Kristi Moos

Kristi Moos, Big Sur plus; photo by Ken Finberg

William Taylor, Jr., Bakersfield

Michael Crabtree I–5

Jannie Dresser, Fresno

Stephen D. Gutierrez, City Of Commerce

Peggy Morrison, various natural settings

Juli C. Lasselle, Sacramento Valley
Spirit of Steinbeck, "The Harvest Gypsies";
photo by Ken Finberg
Fair Food Program link here

Peter Greenwood & Peggy Morrison,
songs of the Californios

Michelle Cruz Gonzales, Tuolumne

Jon Sindell, Peter Greenwood,
Peggy Morrison: "De Colores"


April 18, 2015
RW Queer–Nami

Run Yang Liu, Jon, Gennane Walsh, Michael Crabtree, Colleen McKee
Vincent Meis, Blythe Baldwin, Andrew Demcak, Rick May, Michael Alenyikov

more at ...

Run Yang Liu plays Tchaicovsky

Blythe Baldwin

Vincent Meis

Michael Alenyikov

Rick May

Genanne Walsh

Michael Crabtree

Colleen McKee

Andrew Demcak

RW Landscapes: California

March 14, 2015

Rolling Writers: California, third in our Landscapes series. With literature evoking Orange County by Sarah Carpenter, Los Angeles by Courtney Moreno, the Sierra Nevadas by John Muir, Bakersfield by William Taylor Jr. , and Los Angeles by Townsend Walker. California Music by Michael Crabtree and others.

Townsend Walker (L.A.), Courtney Moreno (L.A.), Michael Crabtree (pan–Cali), William Taylor, Jr. (Bakersfield), Juli C. Lasselle (Sacramento Valley), Sarah Carpenter (Orange County), John Muir's Ghost (Sierra foothills)

Juli C. Lasselle with lit of the Sacramento Valley
William Taylor, Jr. ... Bakersfield

Michael Crabtree, original Cali music

Sarah Carpenter repping Orange County

The Ghost of John Muir reading from My First Summer in the Sierras < free public domain copy


RW Landscapes Two

January 24, 2015

Literature of (from west to east): Oregon (Emily Kiernan), Nicaragua (Shane Alejandro Bendaña), Chicago (Matt Pine), Trinidad (Maisha Z. Johnson), France (Deborah Steinberg), Iran (Siamak Vossoughi)

Deborah Steinberg, lit of France

Deborah Steinberg, French music

Emily Kiernan, Oregonian excerpt from The Great Divide

Maisha Z. Johnson, Trinidadian lit
The story she read is in this anthology.

Matt Pine, Chicago

Michael Crabtree and Jon Sindell, "Sweet Home Chicago"

Shane Alejandro Bendaña con un cuento nicaragüense. Shane's world debut!

RW Landscapes

September 20, 2014

Literature of (from west to east): Salt Lake City (Jeff Von Ward), St. Louis (Colleen McKee), Brazil (Tiffany Higgins), London (James Warner), Russia (Olga Zilberbourgh), China (Li Miao Lovett)

Run Yang Liu, Michael Crabtree

Colleen McKee

James Warner

Li Miao Lovett

Run Yang Liu, Sarah Carpenter

Leonid Klets, baritione, singing "San Franciskye Vechira" (modification of "Moscow Nights")

Olga Zilberbourg

Jeff Von Ward

Rolling Writers Church of Baseball Revival Meeting

July 14, 2014

Sister Frannie Germeshausen with Brother James Langdell

Sister Beth Elliot testifies

Brother Rafa Corral of Las Gaviotas with Brother Michael Crabtree

May 17, 2014

Flood Flood Three: The Deluge

Ten writers flooded the place with flash

From left: Andrew O. Dugas, Ethel Rohan, Grant Faulkner, Paul Corman–Roberts, singer–songwriter Nancy Hall, Lauren Traetto, Doug Bond, Meg Pokrass, Tony Press, singer–songwriter Michael Crabtree.

Facebook event page 

Flash Flood Two

February 1, 2014

Violinist Tom Sollinger, Paul Corman–Roberts, Lauren Traetto, Lauren Becker, 
Meg Pokrass, Doug Bond, singer–songwriter Michael Crabtree

November 9, 2013

Five Flash Fictionistas blazed through the night

Tom Sollinger, Steven Kacsmar, Michael Crabtree

Mackenzie Rohan


Moby Chicks

August 24, 2013

                        Two great mer–writers ...

headlined a seaworthy evening of nautical lit ...

Tony Press



Michael Crabtree (not a Niner)

by Brandon Evans

by Ruby Guerra

Thank you, lubbers and old salts alike, for setting sail with us!

Traci, Skipper Jon, Caitlin

Made it home with legs intact but minds blown clear out of the water!


July 13, 2013

novelist Chris Bundy

read from his wonderful new novel—wonderful new novel—about a fallen American TV star in Japan,“Baby You’re A Rich Man.” 

Bundy blowin'

Steven Kacsmar of Phantom City

Hair Net Boys: Chris and Bruno

Bud Gundy on the scene

Chris and Jon

Orion's haiku augmented with flute

(I can't bear to delete all of the promo copy, so) ... we had ...

Japanese snacks.
Live music.

Canned music.

Bruno’s amazing baked treats and entrées.

Lotsa literature.

Chris's book

Domo arigato, all who came and performed!


Rolling Writers with Tracy DeBrincat and Maggie O'Connell, June 29, 2013, was excellent! Had a high–energy crowd which was raptly attentive during the reading. A writer's dream!

Tracy DeB bringing it!

Trading places: Maggie with "Roman,"
Jon with "Buckaroo"

Jon blowing from The Mighty Roman with the story of "Coyote Cal," the
hardest working mascot in the Cal–Hairy League

Lina Shustarovich and the Immigrant Experience, October, 2012

Poet George Korolog, September 2012 ...

Tony Press, August 2012 ...

Launch party, Jon Sindell's The Mighty Roman, June 2012 ...

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